The Busy Person's Guide To Effortless Keto. No Calorie or Macro Counting, No More Stress or Confusion

The biggest hurdle to starting and staying in the metabolic state of Ketosis is measuring every single crumb…well, not anymore.

The barrier of entry to get into Ketosis (the metabolic state where your body burns fat as fuel) has disappeared.

Before, you would have to do everything yourself, like:

Beginning Your Keto Journey? Make Sure to Never Break This 'Golden'Keto Rule

  • QMacro measuring – to make sure you’re getting the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats.
  • QCalorie counting – so you don’t overeat and under-eat, but instead stay in the sweet spot your body prefers
  • QPlanning your meals – so you don’t make a small detour and end up going downhill like a snowball
  • Q Figuring out what foods to eat and not to eat – The most difficult part of this diet is knowing the foods that keep you in ketosis and the foods that take you out of ketosis.

But doing everything yourself is a thing of the past.

And I’m not talking about going on YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, or a Blog to find all the answers…

Actually, following the recipes, meals, and advice you find there could sabotage your transformation journey.


Because it’s very important this diet is customized to your exact needs, for example:

  • NBody Type
  • NYour Weight
  • NYour Physical Activity Level
  • NAny Underlying Health Conditions
  • NYour Food Preferences
  • NAnd Much More...

Imagine you had a nutritionist, chef, and personal trainer to give you a grocery list of the exact foods to buy, delicious meals (and snacks!) you could prepare without spending hours in the kitchen… and an exercise routine designed around your capabilities…

Wouldn’t that make life much easier?

Staying fit wouldn’t get in the way of doing other activities you love doing or have to do. Well, that’s exactly what is possible today.

You can get a team to customize the foods and activities to get into ketosis and stay in ketosis… so your body burns off those stubborn LBs 24/7 (yes, even while you sleep!)

They will do the heavy lifting for you, so all you do is prepare your delicious meals and Bon Appétit.


Thousands of men and women from around the globe are using this simple service to transform their body and their lives…

It’s a lifesaver for the busy or even lazy person who just needs the instructions to follow… instead of going through the hassle of figuring things out by themselves.

Staying in Ketosis has never been easier, tastier, and joyful.

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