Healthy gums and teeth are an increasing priority for pretty much every nation around the world because gum disease, tooth decay, and a host of other periodontal issues continue to rise. Rising inflation and, therefore, treatment and insurance costs worsen this situation.

There has never been more of a need to better care for our oral health to maintain healthy gums and teeth. This is particularly true if you want to stand a good chance of avoiding these issues heading into older age brackets.

Today, we cover a few easy recommendations to incorporate into your routine to help maintain a healthy and balanced oral environment. This also will help ensure you reduce any potential dental visits although regular checkups are highly recommended.   These include trends you can look forward to in 2024 and get a head start!

healthy gums and teeth

Hands up if you hate flossing. I know I struggled with adding the awkwardness of flossing to my routine; however, flossing can help prevent bad breath and slow down plaque build-up and gum disease. But what if there was a way to meet halfway, perhaps a gadget or invention that can make this process at least mildly bearable? Well, that’s exactly what this excellent range of Waterpik products does. They work by firing a fine jet of water into your teeth and gums, cleaning out debris that traditional brushing or even flossing couldn’t reach.

Waterpik claims significant improvements and efficiency in cleaning and removing plaque, as much as 3x compared to traditional string floss. An additional benefit is better and safer cleaning for those with implants. Waterpik has products for all ages, from kids to adults, and boasts very competitive prices, at least compared to other leading brands. Finally, for those looking for an all-in-one product that includes brushing as well as flossing, check out their Sonic-Fusion series.

Drink Smarter

Did you know coffee and soft drinks can harm your teeth? They are both highly acidic and also contain sugars, which can weaken tooth enamel. If left unchecked, this can lead to issues like sensitivity and plaque buildup, which in turn impacts overall tooth health. The acidic environment makes the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can lead to even more problems.

Prefer fresh whole fruit juices and smoothies or even just water to keep hydrated and give your teeth and gums a balanced environment; it is also recommended to use a straw even if you drink soft drinks to minimize contact with teeth. And as always its best to consume in moderation.

Eat Smarter

As previously stated, to maintain healthy gums & teeth, the food you eat has an equal (if not more) impact on your oral and dental health. One food group in particular is where you need to focus most on; Sugars

Sugar is one of the leading factors in tooth decay and gum disease. We know sugar is pretty much unavoidable in most foods we eat; it occurs naturally in fruit and even milk, so what can we do about it? The key here is quantity; unprocessed foods typically contain much less than processed foods, where sugars are added simply to enhance flavor. However, many added sugars are unnecessary and do nothing to add nutrition.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends an average of 6 teaspoons of sugar per day for an average adult. Look for the nutritional labeling on any supermarket foods to help you make healthier decisions when buying everyday household items. Our gums and teeth are in direct contact whenever we eat, so it is twice as necessary to ensure we expose them to as little harmful sugars as possible by opting for low-sugar alternatives. As with everything, balance is vital, so ensure you adhere to the recommended guidelines and your health practitioner’s advice.

Brushing The Right Way

healthy gums and teeth

This time-tested practice is still one of the best ways to get rid of excess food particles and harmful substances off the surfaces of your tooth enamel and generally over your gums. However, large segments of the population still brush incorrectly and way too little. The correct way to brush is twice a day and for at least two minutes consistently, and ensure you scrub your tongue too! This gives enough coverage to minimize harmful buildup. Also, brushing too hard or with an inappropriate toothbrush can actually damage teeth and gums.

You should definitely choose the toothbrush type most suited to your teeth and gums. Finally, remember to pair brushing with flossing as often as possible.

Stop Smoking!

The harmful effects of smoking are well known. However, smoking can worsen your periodontal problems. Also, smokers’ breath is a massive put-off for most people. If you suffer from bleeding and sensitive gums and are experiencing tooth decay, then smoking could compound these problems. In fact, according to the CDC, smoking is a leading cause of severe gum disease in the United States. Needless to say, it is beneficial to seek help in quitting smoking early, particularly if you notice red or swollen gums, teeth sensitivity, bleeding, and pain while chewing.

The more severe and advanced your gum disease, the more invasive and potentially expensive the procedure to fix it will be. Quitting smoking will not only benefit general health and wellness but also help your teeth and gums heal quickly.

Get a Checkup

healthy gums and teeth

Even if you don’t like the idea of getting a regular cleaning at the dentist’s office, it is at least worth your while to get a professional opinion and a status check on the condition of your teeth and gums. Unless you are diagnosed with severe problems, a cleaning procedure is quite painless for the average person (I personally found it quite therapeutic), and you’ll feel tons better.

The best part is you will have a baseline and a clear path ahead on what to do and plan to keep your oral health in check. Doing this can also help avoid or at least plan for any unforeseen dental costs that may be headed your way.

Are There Supplements for Healthy Gums and Optimal Oral Health?

Eating healthy can certainly not be underestimated in keeping the ‘gateway’ to your body clean and healthy. However, every now and then, we often need a helping hand. As our bodies grow, and depending on other factors, we may or may not be getting the nourishment we need, particularly some vitamins and minerals. This is where certain vitamins and supplements can come in handy.

The top recommended oral and dental health vitamins are Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, and Vitamin A. While it is generally a good idea to focus on adopting a healthy, balanced diet, always check with a qualified health professional or your dentist about which vitamins you need.


Many brands and products are available, but for a well-balanced, all-natural formulation, I recommend ProDentim, a soft & easily soluble oral candy / chew that you can make part of your healthy oral routine. ProDentim is a top-rated product in the category, so it must work well for at least a few people! It works by repopulating super beneficial bacteria in your mouth that fight the bad ones and help protect and heal dental damage.


Another excellent option is FortBite, an all-natural volcanic mineral clay compound with a few other potent ingredients in the form of a powerful teeth powder (no pills to swallow). These ingredients work together to help you repair your gums and teeth and give you a potent dental detox. This solid alternative is well-backed by science and can be easily incorporated into a daily oral routine.

You can read about the amazing benefits of volcanic clays for healthy gums and teeth below:

Dentitox Pro

Finally, there’s Dentitox, an expertly crafted oral supplement unique in that it comes in a pleasant-tasting liquid dropper. It is specifically formulated with all-natural ingredients to provide necessary, remineralizing nutrients directly to your gums and teeth. Dentitox claims to help with bad breath, cavities, and gum disease. You can read our extensive review below.

A solid dental care strategy should be a part of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions to maintain strong and healthy gums and teeth. With rising dental costs and inflation, and the after-effects of COVID still biting, you should consider adding some of these tips to your routine. So let’s not ignore dental health as we head into the new year and look to starting strong. Try to have at least one checkup a year (if possible) and stick to the basics as firmly as possible.